Our mission is simply to draw smiles on faces. By providing our dear clients with the top quality and widest variety of chocolate gifts, for all occasions and tastes. We are also very keen on employing and benefiting as many people as we can in the aforementioned process.

Passionelle’s growth and success over the past 25 years depends on its philosophy of attaining and sustaining usage of 100% natural cocoa butter and raw materials to deliver top quality chocolates. This is one of the many factors that distinguish Passionelle from its competitors and established it into one of the leading manufacturers in the Egyptian chocolate and confectionary industry..

The Passionelle family constantly strives to research the market and offer its clients all their needs. Meanwhile sending representatives abroad to be up to date with and attain new technologies in the industry to improve efficiency, widen its product offerings and expand in to new market segments.

Some of our Memberships:

• Members of the Investors Association – 6th October.

• Members of Chamber of Food Industries.

• Members of the Food Safety Authority.

• Members of the Occupational Safety and Industrial Safety Authority.